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Our aim is to tackle health and safety culture,
to encourage play, and demystify fitness and movement.

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Digital Design

Experts in digital design, we turn ideas into something visual.

Product Creation

We create physical products to enrich the lives of all movers!

Community Arts

We engage with local communities to bring movement to economically challenged areas.

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We design next generation activity landscapes

We change the image of 'play parks' and urban spaces and redefine them for all ages. Our main goal is to generate activity landscapes that have a meaningful purpose for everyone who steps in them.

Using an innovative and bespoke design, we create environments full of opportunities for play rather than prescribe specific movements or actions. Our models become liminal spaces in which different disciplines and activities co-exist - this fuels imagination and encourage discoveries from the users.

First, we bring together the best aspects of accessible play spaces such as parkour parks, callisthenics arenas, and play spaces. We then unite them with an aesthetic inspired by sculptures and art that have transcended their primary function, into multifunctional spaces.

Events and Performance

Our team works across a breadth of performance types to put on unique parkour-centric spectacles and events for the public. Our service includes management, project delivery, and providing coaches and performers - Ukemi delivers the full package for your event.

Notably, we programmed, managed, and delivered Scotland's largest parkour event, as well as produced our show "SHINE" performed by our in-house performance team.

Understanding your options when managing a parkour event can have benefits for both you and the community. In recent years parkour has grown massively and will continue to do so. Whether you regard it as a sport, an art form, lifestyle, philosophy, or all of those above, we have benefited as a community by finding more than one way to share it.

Workshops and Seminars

Ukemi's unique take on urban design, movement methodology and product development have touched the international community at events such as the UK Outdoor Arts Summit, Art of Retreat and Coach Europe.

Our practice and implementation of looking at the limen between different methods, styles, and disciplines is a revolutionary approach to creating a healthier society. We offer both on-stage presentations and hands-on workshops to suit the clients the needs.

These workshops and seminars are best suited to movement and design communities. Enquire for more details.

Equipment and Games

Our store offers a range of traditional parkour equipment for purchase but also acts as a costing guideline for unique pieces. Ukemi's essential service is providing bespoke equipment which has a variety of contexts such as theatre, gyms and sports events.

Ukemi responds to classical play objects such as cards and gamifies them using a variety of movement disciplines. Our flagship product is the Ukemi card game. Ukemi is the world's first parkour and freerunning card game – made by traceurs for traceurs.

The game celebrates going out of your comfort zone and creating new movements - it is the perfect training tool for movement practitioners! It has a variety of play styles such as group games, coaching, warm-ups, and generating choreography.


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Let's make something great together. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch!

At Ukemi we lead some great community projects that are by the Parkour community and for the Parkour community. These are free at the point of access and you can learn more on our projects page.

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