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We've broken down our roadmap for 2020 into 3 stages.

Step 1 on our roadmap was to gain meaningful traction and create authority in our space. Ukemi, therefore, began its life by developing products and spectacles by and for the movement community. Notably, to date, we have designed, built, programmed, managed and delivered Scotland’s largest ever parkour event as well as brought in the new year with our site-specific show SHINE by our in-house performance team.

We have also released the Ukemi card game, the world’s first parkour card game - used by coaches worldwide in over 25 countries.

Step 2 on our roadmap bridges the gap between making ourselves known and designing activity landscapes that have an impact on cities across Scotland. At Ukemi, we leave no stone unturned while pursuing our goals. We realise that if we are to impact urban space, we would need to lay the foundation in individuals legal right to the city.

With our Movement Card, we do just that. The Movement Card is a wallet-sized guide providing information to individuals on their rights to the city. Intended for urban sports enthusiasts, artists and activists primarily, it can also be beneficial to anyone who has interactions with them, such as security guards or the general public.

The ‘Movement Card’ will improve legislation. The Parkour History and Heritage Project will add authority and legitimise the spaces. The ‘Greatest Park Never Built’ project will document and collate the information into 3D assets. Then Ukemi will enter stage 3 and create the most magnificent movement landscapes ever seen, the most inclusive cities and fundamentally change the world we live in forever.

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Limen – Part 2: The Future of Parkour Practice#Parkour
  • Mon Feb 24 2020
  • David Banks

In part one of our blog series Limen – Filling the Void Between Parkour and Everything Else we spoke about how to use the idea of the limen to look at the Parkour industry. How to innovate from within it and highlighting places where it’s happening/already being done.

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Movement Card – Right to the City#Design
  • Tue Jan 14 2020
  • David Banks

The Movement Card aims to educate and inform all who have interactions with people moving in the public domain. Whether that’s you, your friends, the security guard, or even a police officer – with a Movement Card, you have an instant educational resource at your fingertips.

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Limen – Part 1: Filling the Void Between Parkour and Everything Else#Thought Piece
  • Sun May 05 2019
  • David Banks

Limen is the threshold between which two, or more, different things can co-exist. However, if you place yourself on one side of a limen (or threshold) a stimulus is perceivable, on the other side, it is not.

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