Greatest Park Never Built

Greatest Park Never Built

Mon Aug 20 2018By David Banks 2 min read

Working Together to Create the Foundation

We are going on a city by city design spree. Collecting what we need to design the greatest park never built  and we need your help. In each city, we will take suggestions from the parkour community on what is the best parkour spot past or present. Afterward,  we do a community vote to determine which is the greatest and then open a  discussion about what makes that spot so great.

The winner will then be digitized by Ukemi Parks into a 3d digital model and added to an ever-growing design. This  will be an ongoing project that will eventually be shared in an online  library. Giving everyone access to obstacle designs from all over the  world.

When you think about the Dame Du Lac, Vauxhall walls and Freeway Park which is the odd one out?

Dame Du Lac, Vauxhall walls, and Freeway Park are all legendary spots  but only two of them still exist. We want to protect what makes these  spots great by creating a digital graveyard for all to see – a library  that will help kickstart a conversation about more movement-friendly  urban development.

The flagship for this project will be an integrated, continually  growing design, that brings together elements from all the winning  spots. The overall design will be reworked after every 3rd city and will  act as a marker for the research conducted.


  • Spot or obstacle can’t have been specifically made for parkour.
  • If  a spot decided by the community is too large we open a discussion about  what makes the spot so good. This will allow us to identify a few key  obstacles to digitize.

Thinking Forward

Our goal is to create an online resource to give every access to the  designs from the best parkour spots on the planet. Integrating visions  of the city from traceurs worldwide so together we can create The  Greatest Park Never Built.

Past Cities

Glasgow – Rottenrow

Current City

Next on the list – Edinburgh. To join in the discussion join our Ukemi Project Facebook group or keep your eye on our social media for updates. Each city will get  its own blog and this post will act as a reference point for all of the  cities done. So make sure to check back regularly to see our progress.


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