About Us

we are UKEMI.

Ukemi promotes activity in highly urbanised areas and encourages a healthier society through digital design, product creation, and community arts.

Each founder has practised Parkour for over a decade and this is the lens in which we see the world and project our ideas onto. We create experiences in response to and in collaboration with communities to reclaim the city for free and open activity.

Our aim is to tackle health and safety culture to encourage play and demystify fitness and movement to make it more accessible through our products and services.

Group YUG Picture
Group Picture after the Ukemi Organised Parkour event, part of YUG 2018.
Ukemi Team at YUG
Ukemi Team enjoying the end of the Youth Urban Games.

a lifelong TEAM.

We met in 2006 as early adopters of the parkour discipline. We experienced the growth of the Scottish scene together and everything that came with it - travelling, running classes, putting on national events, creating web resources and performing.

No longer content to simply see the city differently we now want to change it into something better. ⁣⁣After over 15 years years of training and growing up together we pulled together our skill sets and began applying our traceur vision beyond the practice itself.

⁣⁣Here’s to the future of cities, movement and play.⁣

Together We Have:


Years of Combined Parkour


Years of Friendship


Years of Combined Coaching

Clients & Collaborators

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