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Ukemi is a random chance movement game that improves the player's ability to assess risk and develop quality movement. The base movements are derived from the disciplines of parkour, freerunning and broader movement culture. The game works best with 2-4 people.


Movement (40 cards) - Choose between techniques taken from parkour, tricking and gymnastics.

Condition (30 cards)- Add variance with rotations, combo's, targeted objects and movement qualities.

Wild Card (30 cards) Put your route on hard mode with a Wild Card. This inst for the faint of heart and you can end up in your underwear, wearing your friends' shoes or blindfolded.

Blanks (12) - Each deck comes with 4 blank cards for each card type. This puts you in charge and lets you add your own cards to the game.

Classic: Each card collected counts for a single point. First to 10 points wins. This is the classic version of ‘Ukemi.’

Mega Match: Each card collected counts for a single point. Once all the trick cards have been picked the game ends. The person with the most points wins.

Add-on: Players must pick a card as a group then complete the movement. Each round a new card is produced and added on to create a chain. This continues until only one player can complete the chain. In the event that more than one player can’t get past a stage it is declared a draw.

Blind: Players must select all cards before flipping them. In the event where one of those cards are a combo card the player must take an extra movement card.

Order of play -


Players take turns at picking up cards from each deck; movement (yellow), condition (blue) and wildcard (orange). Coin toss to decide who goes first. Each player must choose a trick card. Players then have the option but are not limited to choose a condition card. Similarly, players then have the option to but are not limited to choose a wild card - the difficulty can be increased further by allowing the selection of multiple wildcards.


Number of Attempts -

Option 1 - Players have a single attempt to land the selection.

Option 2 - Players have the same amount of attempts as they have collected cards. Each time an unsuccessful attempt is made a point is deducted from the number of possible points the player can receive e.g. if the player selects 3 cards and it takes them 3 attempts to land it they receive 1 point.

Option 3 - Players must land the selection multiple times, equal to the number of cards selected e.g. if the player drew 2 cards they must land both attempts to get their points.



To make the game more inclusive you can take one/all the following measures;

Classic: Remove cards that contain techniques that a player cannot complete or environmental/conditions which they are unwilling to engage with.


Handicap: Similarly to Golf players can play with a handicap. For example, a player with a handicap of 1 only has points counted for every card selected after the first e.g. 2 cards would be 1 point, 3 cards would be 2 points etc.


Add-on: Group can decide whether or not the selection is suitable for a players skill level. This allows the group to fairly decide on what is an acceptable level of difficulty for the player to receive the points. Allowing players of multiple skill levels to play the same cards with an equal challenge.

Non-Competitive Play: Ukemi does not have to be competitive and players unwilling to subscribe to a win/loss system can play the game without keeping track of who’s winning/won. The game is an excellent resource for warm-ups, spot exploration, choreography generation, coaching, and casual play as well as a competitive game.

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Ukemi Card Game

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