14th December 2018 / Cards
Ukemi Card Game Rules

Ukemi card game Rules Like parkour, this game can be played any way you want. In fact, we encourage you to experiment and discover new […]

29th September 2018 / Parks
How to Run a Non-Competitive Parkour Event for the Public

  How to Run a Non-Competitive Parkour Event for the Public Understanding the options you have when managing a parkour event can have benefits for […]

20th August 2018 / Parks
Greatest Parkour Park Never Built

Working Together to Create the Foundation   We are going on a city by city design spree. Collecting what we need to design the greatest […]

29th July 2018 / Parks
The Evolution of Parks – Designing Parks for Play

It’s almost a right of passage for each generation to smugly look down at the one below them and claim that ‘children these days don’t […]

18th July 2018 / Cards
The Worlds First Parkour and Freerunning Card Game

Ukemi is the worlds first parkour and freerunning card game – made by traceurs for traceurs. The game celebrates going out of your comfort zone […]

13th July 2018 / Parks
Youth Urban Games 2018

What is the Youth Urban Games? The event is about showcasing the top young urban sports athletes from across Scotland – including parkour, skateboarding, and […]